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Jun. 18th, 2008 @ 09:54 pm [OOC] Storylines
The Master - HK-47 belongs to this person, both as a valuable possession and as a servant. He will follow orders from this person alone. {Revan Onasi/curtainfalling}

The Crew - These are the people that Revan considers to be friends. HK-47 may not consider them to be allies, per se, but they are off-limits for torture or assassination unless they pose a threat to his master. {Torchwood, other openings}

The Prey - HK-47 enjoys killing. A lot. And he enjoys a good hunt as much as the next assassin droid, so he intends to make a list of important targets to eliminate. Most of his missions will come from Revan, but he has been known to give out "freebies." {Always open}
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Jun. 17th, 2008 @ 12:54 am [OOC] Profile
* Name: HK-47
* Age/Birthdate: Approximately 5-6 years
* Species: Droid
o Type: Hunter-killer/protocol droid. The Rift altered his energy shield generator to project a field similar to the TARDIS' perception filter, that allows him to go unnoticed when in plain sight.
* Canon: Star Wars EU

* Livejournal: http://o-hai-meatbags.livejournal.com/
* Played By: Kristoffer Tabori (voice actor)
* Icon: http://p-userpic.livejournal.com/75436333/15761574

* Appearance: Humanoid body shape, somewhat similar to a human skeleton. His head is skull-like and his photoreceptors glow orange, complementing his rusty red paint job. He has numerous weapons built into his forearms, as well as an energy shield generator on his chestplate. While he is physically genderless, his voice and programming are male.

* Personality: HK-47 was built to kill, and he takes great pride in doing it. He appreciates cruelty and irony, and has a rather snide sense of humor at times. He is often baffled by human emotions of kindness and mercy, and considers himself to be of superior construction. Despite these feelings, he holds great respect for the one who created him, the Jedi Revan. He follows the orders of his master at all times, even if he does not agree with the objective, although he is prone to give annoyed commentary before doing so. He cannot disobey a direct order, nor can he kill his master deliberately. Not that he would ever want to kill Revan, but some of his temporary masters, sure.

* History: HK-47 was built by Darth Revan near the end of the Mandalorian War. He was designed specifically for assassinating strategically significant persons, including Jedi Knights. Following an assassination mission in Mandalorian space, HK-47 was captured by an enemy soldier and claimed as booty. With his core memories blocked as per Sith protocol, HK-47 had little choice but to obey his new master. He was passed on through a series of masters, each of whom died in various interesting and accidental ways, until he was purchased by his original master on Tatooine. Later, when Revan discovered her former identity as the Sith Lord, HK-47's core memories were also restored, giving her command over his full functionality. Despite Revan's amnesia and Lighter outlook on things, HK-47 gladly resumed his place at his master's side, assisting her in defeating Darth Malak and his forces. A short time after, Revan vanished, leaving no sign of where she went. HK-47 went searching for her, and two days later, he found himself walking out of the Rift in the warehouse of death.

* Writing Sample: I meant to write a few paragraphs and it kinda turned into a ficlet. Whoops. It can be found at my fic journal, here.
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